Come on in, don’t be shy. Just step over the wobbly piles of books, grab a mug and I’ll pour some tea. Help yourselves to biscuits, or if you’d prefer some fruit it’s in the bowl over there. I’m afraid the pears are looking a bit  tired and you can’t really dunk a banana.

My name is Katie, Kate, Gilly, Gillig or Dave. To be perfectly honest though, if you definitely want me to answer, Katie or Kate are the best bets.

I’m a 20 year-old, second year, BA English undergraduate at Bournemouth University. I passed first year with a 2:1, and I’ve got a certificate to prove that I am 1/3 good at words in an official capacity. I’ve also had multiple features published in TV Times magazine, and I write for satirical news site NewsBiscuit, in the hope that one day I might be funny enough to make the front page again.

Feel free to take a wander round. I can’t 100% promise you will like it, because that will open me up to tonnes of lawsuits and I haven’t got time to shred them all. However, I hope that you do, and I look forward to saying a cheery hello in the comments or via my contact page. If you’re not fond of reading,  follow me here on twitter, and you can watch me struggle as I try to shoe horn my hilarious unbelievably funny mildly amusing life insights into a mere 140 characters.



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